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There are a heck of a lot more reasons than 10 but these ones are my favorite.   1. 99% of dachshunds are part meerkat and who doesn’t want a domesticated timon? 2. They make a great alarm system for the household, any suspicious noise and you wont hear the […]

Marissa Rose Dachshund’s week by week puppy care Week 1 So, some people may assume that since the pups are merely born, its time for a break. No no no, not yet this is the time to be cautious. After Mama is done birthing and cleaning her thoroughly baked pups, […]

Get an insider look at the Birthing Process of our Dachshund Puppies! Three stages of labor Stage One: We count down 63 days from when our females tie with our males. About a week before we hit 63 days I start monitoring the mama’s temperature, because once their temperature drops […]