Frequently Asked Questions!

  1. Do you ship your puppies?  Yes, we ship our puppies all across the United States, and Canada! We ship our puppies with a nanny service ONLY! Prices are reasonable ranging from $400 and up depending on where you are located. The only state we don’t not ship to is Hawaii, as the puppies will have to remain in quarantine until they receive there rabies vaccinations for 6 months.
  2. Where Are you Located? We are located in Las Vegas Nevada
  3. Do the dachshund puppies come with Vaccines? Yes, all puppies come with there first set of vaccines before they go home, and we will send you all there shot records on when you will need to update the remaining vaccines.
  4. Do your dachshund puppies come with any guarantee? Yes our puppies are backed by a 1 year health guarantee, we pride our selves on being able to breed top quality dogs that are happy and healthy! If you are interested in reading more about our care check out (week1-8 care)
  5.  What do you feed your dogs? We pride ourselves on feeding our family dachshunds top quality dog food from (IandLoveandyou) it is excellent check it out. Also we feed our dachshunds raw baby carrots, eggs, cucumbers, blueberry’s, and sweet potatoes. 
  6. How long have you been breeding dachshunds? I currently have been breeding dachshunds for close to 7 years now! I grew up around these little guys, and have always been passionate about continuing the breed with great lineage.
  7. Are your dachshund puppies AKC registered? Yes all of our lovely dachshunds are registered exclusively with AKC, and yours will be too!
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