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10 reasons to own a Dachshund!

There are a heck of a lot more reasons than 10 but these ones are my favorite.


1. 99% of dachshunds are part meerkat and who doesn’t want a domesticated timon?


2. They make a great alarm system for the household, any suspicious noise and you wont hear the end of it.dachshund

3. Dachshunds fit in with homes of any size whether it is an apartment or a home with land, as long as they have you they are complete.dachshund puppies

4. Dachshunds are escape artists and will surprise you with their ability to magically appear right in front of you after just after putting them away.dachshunds

5. Dachshunds are fiercely loyal to their people. They love to snuggle with you anywhere, sleep with you in bed, and follow you around the house (yes, that includes the shower/bathroom).

6. Dachshunds clownish antics and silly looks are sure to melt your heart. CAUTION Dachshunds are addicting like chips – it’s hard to have just one.dachshund

7. People often say, “Dachshunds train you”… here’s why – Dachshunds want their way how and when they want it. It’s not impossible to train these strong-willed dogs but it takes a lot of patience and consistency. The key is to find what motivates them(toy or food usually) and use that as a reward during training sessions. In the end, you will likely have to adjust your routine a little to set them up for success and make sure both of you are happy.dachshunds

8. They never fail to make you laugh especially when you are feeling down I can honestly say they are the best therapy.happy dachshund

9. Dachshunds have a long life expectancy up to 17 years old which means so much more time to have with these god sent angels.dachshund

10. When dachshunds smile it is contagious and who doesn’t want to smile?smiling dachshund

3 thoughts on “10 reasons to own a Dachshund!

  1. Stephanie Stanley says:

    I just love your web site…almost as much as I love these babies. Have had four altogether. Have two right now. My first boy went blind at about age 9. He was a red with some black hairs. The other three are girls, all Black and Tan. One died last year at 15. Now we have one 15 who is blind and one who is ten and healthy…except for bad teeth which all have had dental issues. I wish you much good fortune with your breeding program and wish I was younger so to have one of your puppies…will be content to visit your web page often.

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